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Wanna bet?

The best thing about the Internet is that anyone can do it. It’s like the wild west circa 1849 – no rules, raw, full of potential, full of crooks and starry-eyed dreamers. The Internet is a free country, kind of like America tries to be.

Online gambling should be legal because it is a choice and people are choosing to do it regardless of the laws (bong hit anyone?). I am not old enough to remember prohibition, but I can read, so I know prohibition was a complete waste of time and effort. I also know that prohibition ultimately led to moonshiners, which ultimately gave birth to what we now call NASCAR. Way to go prohibition. Thanks so much for NASCAR. Really. Thanks.

The Internet knows no laws really. If you want to run an Internet gambling site, just host it in Costa Rica or another country that loves money and is willing to embrace people’s destructive habits. I am no gambler, but I believe that people should be allowed to throw themselves away on it if they want to. I personally think it’s the porn guys who want to outlaw online gambling because it cuts into their market share. Porn drives the Internet, and if you think that’s a joke or a mindless statement, then you need to do your homework. Porn is like Nasa used to be back in the day…all the great innovations come as a result of what is being done in porn.

Somehow, somewhere, online gambling became illegal at some point, but clearly that worked about as well as the levees in New Orleans did when Katrina hit. Why do we wave our big free flag around for all to see and then do stupid crap like make Internet gambling illegal? Really. It just makes us all look duplicitous and foolish. That’s right up there with the 176 million a year we spend trying to deny the fact that our teenagers have sex despite the delusional pleas of a few diehards who still think abstinence is a realistic solution to an obvious problem.

And what the hell does this have to do with Internet gambling? Everything. Despite where we live, we should all have the right to choose whatever we want, even the abstainers. There is nothing more valuable in life than the freedom of choice. Without it, how are we as humans to figure out our way? Does it really make sense to waste resources, time, and money on pursuits that hinder our ability to choose?

holySmith!, despite being a two-time hybrid car owner, does not believe that man’s pollution, as horrific as it is, is THE “global warming” culprit (study astronomy and you will find bigger, brighter answers). I am a firm believer that you shouldn’t pollute the world with fumes or trash, but I value more that people can choose what kind of vehicle they want to drive. If people choose to drive vehicles that pollute less, that is fantasitic, but those who don’t make that choice shouldn’t be guilted or made to fear the consequences of that choice, just like people shouldn’t have to deal with fear and guilt for having sex before marriage, or blowing their rent money while gambling online. It’s all their choice and they are lucky to have it.

Let them have it, otherwise, they are going to do it anyway! Wanna bet?

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  • El Gammy April 27, 2007, 11:40 am

    Great rant. Way to stay within the ballpark… or at least in the same league… well… let’s just say you kept in the same sport… sort of.

    One thing is for damn sure: you did a hella better job than I would have on the same general topic.

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