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Waxing political

In a way, watching politics is very much like having your back hair waxed. On MSNBC, the president vows to rebuild the Gulf Coast so it can ‘rise again’ or whatever. I mean, aren’t those people dealing with enough? Do they (we) really have to watch a bunch of attention starved toolboxes maximizing their face time as though they are some kind of saviors who are going to make it all better for people who can never really “go home” again?

Why can’t people just donate whatever they can and hope that it helps someone take another step closer to getting their life back? Donating time, effort, goods, money, or whatever is great, but it is not an opportunity to plug how great and noble you are because that very act spits in the face of what is truly noble. Do what you can for people in need, but remember it is not about YOU, it is about them. The rest of the world doesn’t need to know how much you gave or how fantastic you are for doing it.

I might be way the F off on this one, but wouldn’t the hurricane be the ultimate ‘excuse’ to pull out of Iraq and any other territory-marking missions that haven’t worked? You know, the old, “we have to take care of our own, so, whooops!, looks like we have a reason to suddenly pull out of Iraq!” Let’s see how that plays out. I am sure Karl Rove can spin that shit like a DJ with two turn tables and a microphone.

And just for the record, as much as Bush is a tool and most of DC is a toolbox, I don’t have a lot of respect for any particular party anymore. I cleaned out my wallet a while back and left that registered democrat card in the “to be shredded” pile because that whole group is about as useful as a roller skates on an ice rink.

I am pretty well conviced that we are in the midst of the most backward and idiotic time in our history. I find that if more people would just sit back and watch the game of hockey (ironically absent during this interesting time in history) they would see that it is very much a model of how the political world should operate…You have left wingers, you have right wingers, defensemen and a goaltender, but you don’t have shit without the CENTER. Not surprising that the greatest player who ever lived just happened to be a center. Without his skills of knowing when to pass, when to control the puck, when to shoot, or when to let a left winger or a right winger be the hero once in a while, nothing works. It is the centerman who makes the left wingers and right wingers work together and produce.

Yeah…you heard me. Watch hockey, love it, understand it, and use it as a political model.

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