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We want change, but we’d shit a brick if it actually happened.

These early debates show us – and by us I mean me – a lot of things. On one hand, we have the Democrat candidates calling for change. What else would they call for given what we have? On the other hand, we have the Republicans who consist of a few crazy Bible thumpers, John McCain (still not sure what to think of him), and Rudy Guiliani who uses the “9-11 card” as many times as the Democrats use the word “change” in a debate. Sorry Ron Paul. You say you want a revolution, but, well, you know. . .

So far, I acutally have watched debates fore more than 11 seconds only because I feel like I want to know more about what these people are all about, what they intend to do with my vote, and how they plan to spend my money. So far, there is a lot of talk about change in various ways. The thing is that people want change, but they aren’t willing to make the changes necessary to really “make a change” in how things are. Basically, it’s our own damn fault, so do we really need to wait until a new president takes office in order to affect change?

That, and if any types of change really happened, I am pretty sure people would crap rocks. Old habits die hard.

After watching the debates, I have different feelings about many of the candidates that surprised me as I watched and thought. John McCain – who I seriously thought went senile over the past year – actually seems to make some sense on various topics. Not that I will vote for him or anything, but I felt shocked to think of him as viable again after pretty much writing him off for a while. All the democrats left different impressions, but somehow Hillary Clinton seems to be the best of the bunch. She’s the only one up there who has been in the White House if you think about it. The question is, is America going to elect a woman. Same goes for Obama. The mirror is being held up to America in this election. The Democrats are forcing change this time. It’s going to come down to another pastey white guy for the Republicans and either a black man or a woman for the Dems.

Are you ready for real change America or are you going to settle for what you’re used to?

Speaking of change…we need those muthafukkin New England Patriots to lose. I, for one, am tired of them. Go anybodyelsebutthepatriots!

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  • El Gammy January 21, 2008, 9:49 am

    My policy on voting: never have, never will. I could give a shit less who is in office because ultimately I really don’t think it matters that much. Republicans, Democrats, Green Party, Douche Party — all politicians are the same. Their only real difference is what personal quirks or shortcomings programs like The Daily Show can make fun of, or how funny their impersonations are. By the way – from a strict entertainment value standpoint, GW has been the best president in the history of the United States. Having an absolute moron as the “leader of the free world” sure is hilarious.

    But I will say this, no fucking way a bitch or a black beats out a white guy for the presidency. As a society, we’re just not there yet.

    Moving on, the fucking Chargers could have actually beat the Patriots if their offensive playcalling in the red zone hadn’t been an absolute shitshow. Their defense held the Pats to 21 points, caused 3 turnovers and overall gave the stupid Chargers O more than enough opportunities to put some goddamn points on the board.

    Now it’s up to Eli “The Most Retarded-Looking QB in NFL History” Manning to make sure 19-0 doesn’t happen. What has this world come to?

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