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Wednesdays are for bowling

I am toying with the idea of logging my bowling scores on the site for all to see, but mostly for me to stay on target with my goals for this upcoming fall league. We start this Wednesday and I am expecting to be a 200+ average this year. I am also expecting my team to be top-three. Maybe I will add a new page on the right…we’ll see.

You might think that this whole bowling stats keeping thing is a bit extreme, but I already do it and it helps me a lot. I totally understand why hitters and pitchers keep stats and study film because it helps keep fresh in your mind the various situations you face as well as how to deal with them when they arise again. That and bowling is the official sport of anal retentive people because it is one of the (maybe THE) only sport where any person can potentially throw a perfect game every time. The beauty is that it doesn’t happen very often for regular bowlers or pros. With definable perfection comes the pursuit, and it drives you nuts until you get it. Once you do it (bowl a 300), you have to do it again, and so-on.

Bowling turns into a mental struggle to repeat the same set of actions that helped you get your last strike, while accounting for all the variables and conditions that come with the game. I track all my games on my Smart Phone via Excel spreadsheets and I have learned a lot about how I bowl through analysis of the data. For instance, I average about 10 pins higher in the first game (of three) in league bowling. That suggests that I get fatigued or I I lose focus, or that I shouldn’t drink beer while I bowl. Either way, my best game is usually my first game.

By posting my stats, I figure I can gain the help of others who read the blog (all 4 of you) and also post my comments about the various games. Often what happens is that I bowl well, but I don’t score well. That usually means that I am throwing a good ball, but I am leaving a pin rather than getting the strikes. If you know bowling, you know that high scoring is all about bonus pins and stringing strikes and spares together, particularly in the later frames. Sometimes I carry several strikes into the later frames, then I leave a nasty split, which leaves me with an open frame. If that happens in the 7th or 8th frame, it can be a score-killer. Just ask El Gammy.

Anyway, in the process of writing this, I have pretty much decided to chart my bowling scores this season and use it as a learning tool. We’ll see how that goes.

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  • El Gammy August 29, 2007, 4:27 pm

    Indeed. Leaving open frames late in a game is a microcosm of my entire life. In my life and most of my bowling games, I start off well, posting high scores and building some hopes as I begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then it all turns into a shitshow, as I leave an open frame in the 8th or get a girl pregnant at 17. Does that make sense?

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