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Whouston Asstros?

The real NL playoffs start this week. I remember when there was an NL East and and NL West. I remember when the decidedly east-of-St. Louis- Atlanta Braves were in the NL West and the several-hundred-miles-west-of-Atlanta- St. Louis Cardinals were in the NL East. I remember they played each other, and I remember the Cardinals won and then won the World Series. That was in 1982.

The Cardinals are the best thing about this year’s playoffs of course, but the next best thing is how wonderful it is to say, at long last, no Yankees, no Red Sox, and no Braves left in the playoffs. Oh happy day.

The Cardinals will win two in St. Louis, one in Houston, and close it out in St. Louis. I have a feeling that the old stadium has one great run left in her. . .

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