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Why does it have to be Barbra Streisand?

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Barbra Streisand? Really? Barbara Fraking Streisand? Seriously Democrats? Really?

If there is one sure way to turn a big portion of the “in-betweeners” away so they make a beeline to the other candidate, it would be to let people like Barbara Streisand and Susan Sarandon open their mouths publicly. If I were the Obama campaign, I would put out the word to find better talent for fundraisers and pay some of the douchey Hollywood wanks to shut the hell up for a couple months.

All they do is fuel the fire in the wrong direction in the worst possible time – that space of time during an election cycle after the conventions but before the real debates start. This public perception battleground is a key factor where “average” people start to lose patience with all the bullshit ads, stupid mudslinging, etc. etc. It’s like watching two 13-year-old girls have an argument.

And Barbara Flipping Streisand? Jesus Tapdancing Christ. Don’t any of these nutsacks watch South Park?

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  • jeley September 16, 2008, 1:46 pm

    What’s really gonna piss you off is when Alex Baldwin and Sean Penn get started just prior to the election.

    If one of those two douchebags so much as hints that they will move outside the U.S. if Obama loses…we might as well write this election off.

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