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Wow. Is GM going to die?

holySmith! wants one of these. $120,000 is all it takes.

holySmith! wants one of these. $120,000 is all it takes.

Will GM die?

If GM goes under, so too does a pillar of American strength. If GM goes under, that means no more Corvettes. If there are no more Corvettes, that means holySmith! can’t fulfill one of his longtime dreams – owning one.

WOW. Life without having a Vette would suck completely. While that dream seams farther away than ever, it’s still there and it’s still a motivator. But if GM goes under and with it the Corvette, then holySmith! will have to shift focus to one of his other crazy and highly impractical pursuits, like a trip into space or an in-house Guinness tap.

Like many businesses, the overhead of healthcare (among other things) is weighing GM down. Not only that, but the market clearly wants the cars and trucks of tomorrow, today. GM needs to reach into their R&D department and get the exciting technology here faster. That’s what’s going to save them. It’s time to move on with better technology. There’s a purpose, there’s a market, and there’s a future with using innovation to carry us in more efficient and more economical ways. That and we like to buy cool shit, so make some cool shit already, put a friggin’ steering wheel on it, and get it to the dealers.

And if the government is going to bail out the auto makers, they should do it by taking over healthcare. As a friend of mine pointed out to me, it seems to work for veterans’ care pretty well (nationalized healthcare, that is), so why wouldn’t it work for regular people’s healthcare?


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