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Wow. Obama wins, Arizona still retarded.

What an amazing night, indeed. This post marks the start of the holySmith! “wow” theme. Every day, I look for something that makes me say or think, “wow”. Sometimes that wow is genuine, like the first time you see the Rocky Mountains or a Pink Floyd concert. The other kind of “wow” is the type of wow that you blurt out when you see something totally unbelievable, like a dumbass person who rear-ends the car in front of them because thy were sending a text message to someone. What a pain in the ass

The greatest hope that I had for Obama was not that he held all the right answers to “fix” the ills of our country, but that he is intelligent and insightful enough to appoint a staff and cabinet that will accomplish things.

As someone who thought our most unified days as a country were behind us, tonight I finally felt like we, as a country, have challenges that we can all face, head on, and overcome. We are in shitsville right now, and you are a fool if you think Obama automatically solves all our problems, but you would also be a fool to not take it upon yourself to participate in the re-establishment of our country. I don’t hate Republicans. The elections were ugly, but there is a lot to be done. We are in a deep hole and we all need to get out. Together.

But after all the Obama euphoria, I soon learned that we, as a state, passed the proposition which amends the Arizona constitution to define marriage as “one man and one woman”. It wasn’t enough that “gay” marriage was already illegal in our state, but now we make a specific change to the state constitution to say that.

Let me just say how utterly stupid that is. I guess because this was written by short-sighted, narrow-minded people who want to deregulate everything and who hate government intervention in everything, they have clearly left room enough to define what exactly constitutes “one man” and “one woman”. Are we allowed to insert any type of descriptive words or phrases before or after these terms, such as one homosexual man and one man who is now a woman? Hmm. I am sure the lawyers are already at work on this one.

I guess it doesn’t directly impact me, but I feel bad for the fact that our state is sending such a message. Of all the things that Arizonans should be concerned about, “defining marriage” is about the 142,294th thing on the list of priorities right now.

As proud as I am to be an American tonight, I am equally saddened by the fact that I live in a state where the number of ignorant and truly disappointing people slightly outnumber the rest of us. What an absolutely pointless law. It accomplishes nothing, but I guess the bigger message is still clear: we’re all in this mess together.

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