You are a racist bastard.

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Take a look at this banner ad I saw while doing some work on Leave a comment and tell me what you really think about it.
Racist Bastard Racist Bastard

Doesn’t this remind you of that recent South Park episode where Randy is on Wheel of Fortune and the puzzle shows N _ G G E R S and the clue for the puzzle is “people who annoy you” and Randy fills in the blank with an “I” instead of an “A”. Naggers. Yeah, naggers was the answer we were looking for.

Interesting choice of Flash activities for a banner ad. Of all the things you could think of to “shoot” you had to go and play on the blurred line of stereotypical racism. Way to further the cause.

2 Comments on “You are a racist bastard.”

  1. Let me introduce you to my little friend! I think this schizzle is w to the h to the ac to the k-e-d.If this was a Quentin Tarantino film Bobby Vinton would be singing in the background and the most annoying actors in the movie, i.e. John Turturro, John Travolta and Quentin himself would be spared while poor Bruce Willis gets offed in some sick, twisted manner.As the great philosopher eminem said”Live by the sword, die by the sword”I would never personally choose to shoot a rapper, but those less fortunate might be in great need of the superfine prize to be gained by such an action. Who are we to judge?Once again, “Pop goes the nine!?”By the by, the guy in the picture is wearing pants that are way too tight he gets zero street cred.

  2. Wait a minute… I shoot the rapper and all I get is “a chance” to win $5000?

    Hell, if I shoot a rapper, I’m expecting a multi-million dollar record deal where I find newly stale ways to rap about me shooting a rapper. Then after I get shot by that rapper’s gang, I’ll have my gang retaliate and we’ll have a full-scale rap war. That’ll give me at least two more albums right there!

    Hopefully then I’ll make enough money to get myself what I’ve always wanted, a platinum grill for my grill that reads “NO FAT CHICKS.” Yeah…

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